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May 9, 2022by eric

Conference rooms are the places where new ideas take place. It is a place where strategies are decided upon. Also, the most important business decisions are made. These rooms are built with solid materials to absorb sounds and ensure privacy. Unfortunately, the solid materials don’t give an impressive appearance. Therefore, hotel renovation companies look for new and alternative solutions. Once you decide to renovate it, consider several things. First of all, it is not just a makeover. Business clients give a lot of importance to it. The hotel design can make a big difference in the conference room meetings.

Acoustic Materials

General hotel contractors use acoustic materials during the renovation of a conference room. These materials absorb sounds in open spaces. Thus, install them in several places. Acoustic panels are excellent sound absorbers. They tend to reduce the sounds reflected and make the speech audible. Additionally, install carpets and rugs to reduce the echo sounds.  

General contractors usually cover the entire ceiling and walls with acoustic materials. The materials help to achieve complete acoustic control in meeting spaces. Conference spaces may also require other precautions, such as sealing windows and doors. However, acoustic ceiling tiles, hanging baffles, acoustic partitions, and acoustic foam are the most popular soundproofing solutions.

Availability of Space

During the renovation, you need to ensure table size and the seats are arranged to make the place look inviting. Opting for a round or oval table serves the purpose. One huge advantage of such tables is that they allow everyone to interact with one another with ease.

Design and Layout

The design and layout of the conference room define the framework of all the actions that take place in it. Thus, it should fulfill the requirements of the guests. The conference room should mainly meet the technological needs of the people who use it. You can equip the room with a video conference system. It is essential to design for performance in this case. Also, make sure the décor is not overwhelming. Ensure not to go with bold styles, distracting the business meetings. The conference room should be the epitome of simplicity and comfort.

Utilize new technology

Make sure the room is well equipped with the latest technology. It will enable the business clients to work at a faster rate. Ensure to enable video conferencing and presentations in the business room. Thus, ensure the design manages to incorporate all the equipment without looking odd. Cords, modems, and routers should be well hidden from sight. Use wireless devices for the convenience of the guests. 

Minimize the distractions

The conference room should be located in an area free from the hustle-bustle. The design should not allow any distractions. Make sure to mention this to your renovation contractor.

Upgrade the lighting

Lighting sets the mood for work. Harsh and uninviting lighting makes it difficult to have productive meetings. However, it can be difficult to focus during these meetings if the lighting is too dull. Therefore, it is important to find the right balance in the lighting design.

Make it comfortable

Comfort is key when regular meetings are going on. Having clients comfortable during critical meetings will help them have more interaction and an overall better attitude during the meetings. Make sure to provide comfortable seating when renovating the conference room.

Design Your Hotel Conference Room With CHS

These are just a few of the many things to consider that can help you design your hotel conference room. Remember that your conference room is a significant part of your hotel. The key to a smooth renovation lies in selecting the right contractor.

Contact Capital Hospital Services (CHS) for renovating your hotel conference room. We are reliable hotel designers to renovate a space that best meets your needs. We have a team of professionals who can tailor the best plan to meet your requirements and timeline.


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