CHS HotelHotel Design: How Interior Design Will Improve Hotel Operations

December 15, 2022by eric

Interior design is among the most fundamental aspects of a hotel’s appeal. However, many hotel owners don’t look enough beyond the aesthetic aspect of interior design. They miss another critical facet of hotel design, which is functionality.

Innovative and smart interior design makes a great guest experience and pleases the eye. It also drives up profitability and improves your hotel operations. Hotel developers, owners, and managers have the power to affect an infinite amount of details to improve hotel operations. The following are three ways to embrace that power:

Consider Operational Efficiency Early In Design Process

Design functionality can be enhanced in many areas of a running operation. However, some essential aspects of the functional design must consider early on during the planning phase.

For example, take a housekeeper: the less time he requires to get a guest room spotlessly clean, the more efficient the whole department will be. So, smart interior design should consider the ease of cleaning. We still have wall finishes such as narrow stone slabs, particularly in bathrooms. It is a challenging and time-consuming task. Smoother and rounder surfaces would have made it simpler for housekeeping to clean proficiently.

Textiles are another example that has a direct impact on the bottom line. Many hotels feature bed throws, curtains, and cushions. They are made of delicate fabrics that need dry cleaning. Choose elegant yet washable fabrics.

Once the room is built and furnished, there is little an efficient housekeeper can improve to save time. It will be costly to replace textiles after buying. Developers can optimize everything from the selection of materials to the shape of built-in and loose furnishings during the design and procurement phase.

Make Staff Satisfaction A Primary Goal

We know working conditions in hospitality operations are strenuous by nature. So, investing in equipment that makes your staff’s life easier is crucial. Even a small design consideration can have a significant impact. It will show them that you care.

Make sure to plan for storage space to store all the terrace cushions during the wet seasons if you have a large outdoor space in a continental climate.

A smart design of a hotel and all of its equipment should be designed first for its employees and not only for guests. Certainly, it brings challenges with which many hotel owners are not familiar. Many design questions need the insight of an operation expert. So, hire an external expert before operations are even running. You can get important inputs already during your planning phase.

Enhance Your Guests Experience With Design That Goes Beyond Aesthetics

Without any doubt, aesthetic interior design is imperative. But that doesn’t mean everything that makes a great guest experience. Many factors go beyond the eye. For example, regarding seating comfort, not all beautiful chairs are equally comfortable. Also, choose a beautiful, long-lasting, ergonomic tabletop with a good grip for the guest.

Lighting plays a vital role in hotel design. Make sure to hire a professional lighting designer. We have an experienced team of hotel designers. Get in touch with us now!

The Final Thoughts

Consider functionality from the start of your design process. Try to deliver a guest experience beyond aesthetics. Contact Capital Hospitality Services to get the best hotel design services now!

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