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May 4, 2022by eric

Renovation is meant to create a new look. It is an opportunity to reinvent your brand. It changes the future of a hotel. The main aim is to improve the guest experience with modernized infrastructure and technology. Also, Hotel Renovation is beneficial for marketing purposes.

Renovation brings happy guests, as well as happy employees. Also, you have spent money and time improving and upgrading your hotel. Even your staff has worked hard during renovation. But, do you know that just renovating alone is not enough to bring guests? It would be best to flaunt it, especially when you got it done with the best Hotel Renovators. Develop a marketing strategy to promote it. 

Here are some essential things you should do after renovation. 

Leverage your hotel’s renovation on Social Media:

Please take the opportunity to share updates on your renovations as soon as they happen. The best way is to do just when it is finished. It will keep the excitement of you and your staff alive. Share the before and after photos. Travelers will love to see the changes. Share the stories behind the scenes that happened during the renovation. You can thank your renovators using social media posts. They would love to share it with their audience. It helps to increase the awareness of your brand too.

Here are a few tips to market the renovation on social media

– Update high-resolution photos on social media

– Talk about your renovations on the hotel website blog

– Update your website

– Create Ads using Facebook, Google, and Instagram

– Pin all the new photos on Pinterest

– Create videos and share them like a virtual tour

– Send emails informing the new look of the hotel to previous guests

– Update new photos on third party booking websites

– Update Google Local/Place listing 

– Share before and after photos on social media

– Reach out to micro-influencers about the new look of the hotel

– Update sales brochures and books with new images

– Go LIVE on social media to share the project details and added benefits for your guests 


Boost your online ratings & reviews

Update your third-party booking websites with new photos and descriptions. Update the description with ‘newly renovated’ wherever possible.’ Ask your guests to rate and review on the booking websites. Make posts with offers and discounts to attract new customers. Train your team to engage with the guests during the check-in and check-out process. Include feedback cards in your check-out process to get direct feedback from the guests. You can send out review email surveys. Make sure to dedicate time and resources to respond to all reviews. Inviting travel writers to experience your hotel services is another good idea to get attention online.

Get your team & guests involved.

Keep your services up to par. Your staff needs to be trained. The employees & staff play a huge role in any hotel. Train them. Ensure that they are delivering quality hospitality services to the guests. Personalized services make the guest’s stay memorable. It is rewarding to the entire hotel.

Find ways for the involvement of your guests. Let them know what’s happening from start to finish. Take inputs from the frequent guests. Ask them what changes they’d like to see. Take their feedback once the renovation is finished. Promote each stage of renovation and enhancements through social media and email newsletters. 

Marketing your hotel renovation will maximize the value of the investment. It will reframe your hotel’s story and continue to attract customers.

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