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CHS Hotel Renovation has a excellent team of hotel designers, project managers, and renovation teams who will give a new character and style to your hotel. Our goal is maximum differentiation from the competition. We aim to make optimal use of the interior and exterior of your hotel to get an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Hotel Design

Design Interior Or Exterior Of Your Hotel With The Creation Of Unique Aesthetics And Character.

CHS design team is dedicated to working with hotel owners, development partners, and franchisees. Our highly experienced professionals will support you throughout the hotel design process. Our hotel designers design the ‘key’ spaces such as the front desk and lobby area, the kitchen/bar, guest rooms, guest bathrooms, and the decorative object for the exterior or interior of the hotel.

Whether renovating or building a new hotel, our design guides, standards, prototypes, and other information enable hotel owners and designers to understand each brand within our portfolio better. We also collaborate with architects and provide information so that we can execute their plans successfully. We ensure the detail and quality of our brands and offer the best guest experience possible.

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Capital Hospitality Services, LLC has provided hotel owners, designers, architects, trust, REITS, and management companies with quality hotel renovations for over 37 years.

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