37 years of expertise in hotel renovation. We hold the reputation of effectively delivering numerous hotel renovation or remodelling projects with superior quality, efficiency and swiftly.

Our Leadership Team

Capital Hospitality Services is an industry leading hotel renovation experts. A full-service turn-key Hospitality Consultant Design, Hotel Procurement, Construction Management, and General Contracting firm with over 100 years of combined hospitality experience and field leadership. With our team of specialists, you will experience an unmatched interior renovation experience through our commitment to excellence, quality craftsmanship, and exceptional service.

Eric Desrosiers

CEO and PresidentEric Desrosiers

Eric Desrosiers has over three decades of experience operating a diverse portfolio of companies, including property management, hotel management, restaurant management, hotel design, procurement, and construction.

His exceptional array of business skills, including financial analysis, controlled budgeting, monitoring the efficiency of operations, complete company start-up, and project team management, have led him to his most recent endeavor at Capital Hospitality Services.

Eric has completed 200+ hotel renovation projects totaling over $600 million throughout his career. As a result, he is well versed in all the necessary aspects of hotel renovations and construction management, from design and implementation, budget controls, and evaluating workmanship to communicating company expectations and brand standards.

Eric excels in organizing, coordinating, and managing some of the largest and most involved projects needed in the hotel renovations industry. His project goals and objectives are accomplished in accordance with outlined priorities, time requirements, and funding conditions. He maintains a high profile with a “hand’s on” management style, which his worldwide clients truly appreciate and value.

Eric joined Capital Hospitality Services, a full-service turn-key hospitality Design, Procurement, Construction Management, and General Contracting firm with over 100 years of combined hospitality experience and field leadership. Capital Hospitality Services clients range from large national REITs, Management Companies to Individual Owners. Capital Hospitality Services focuses on the importance of delivering quality products, workmanship, and innovative solutions. This is being accomplished today by utilizing the cutting-edge technological advanced construction techniques and design methodologies found in the construction industry.

Terri Gross has over 35 years of experience in hospitality design, procurement, and project management. She has a successful history in project organization coupled with a long-term understanding of the industry with expertise across all hotel brands. Her many years in hospitality have earned Terri a reputation as a respected expert in the field. Early in her career, Terri had the exceptional opportunity of being solely responsible for hotel renovation projects from start to finish, including the design, procurement, project, and construction management for multiple properties simultaneously. Due to this early firsthand experience and the wide variety of tasks she managed, she has experience and ability in ways unique to the industry.

Terri is an astute designer and project manager with a capacity to assess situations and come up with solutions quickly. She is skilled in creating and keeping project schedules to guide hotel renovations from concept to completion. Terri develops strong professional relationships with her team members and clients, and her enthusiasm for her profession comes through in all aspects of her work.

Terri has a can-do attitude and is willing to take on any project being open and experienced in setting up alternative ways to find a solution or create a process for any situation. She fully understands all project disciplines, is genuinely knowledgeable with all brand standards, and has built multi-brand relationships throughout the years to help ensure an effortless transition between brand and clients.

Terri Gross

VP, Design & ProcurementTerri Gross


CHS’s vision is to be the go-to industry leader in turn-key renovation experiences by building long-standing partnerships with a client-first approach.

Serving as industry leaders means providing a high-quality, simplified renovation experience unmatched among general contractors in the hospitality industry.


To deliver exceptional service with high quality in the hotel renovation experience by being


What do we do?Design To Inspire

Capital Hospitality Services (CHS) is a USA based hotel renovation company. In the past 37 years, CHS has evolved as a pioneer and conducted renovations for hotels of various scales- luxury, mid-tier, limited service, vacation clubs, and resort hotels. We constantly monitor dynamically varying hospitality industry trends and deliver superior quality renovations that elevate brand value. We value our client’s budget, and we develop the best renovation strategies to meet their expectations within planned budgets.

Design to Inspire
How do we do

How do we do it?Nurturing Vision

This is a well-managed and passionate group of professionals. Vendors, clients, and sub-contractors are treated as partners, and every individual involved is seen as an important part of the team.

With the ever changing and competitive hospitality industry, we understand that hotels face new demands very frequently. We follow these progressions and put plans into action which will allow you to keep ahead of the current trends.

Realizing the resultMaking Better

We administer energized markets and significantly envision the niche to deliver renovations to stay ahead of trends while ensuring ROI. We offer a personalized service team to create a win-win strategy and plan a schedule that will get hassle-free hotel renovations within your budget.

Make better
Functionality first

The essence of interior designFunctionality First

We employ skilled architects, hospitality designers, and brand development teams to swiftly nurture the best possible practices and strategic interior designs. We wholly reiterate strategic premise designs that elevate brand value and drive customer experiences, while ensuring global standards with scalable benefits.


About Us

Capital Hospitality Services, LLC has provided hotel owners, designers, architects, trust, REITS, and management companies with quality hotel renovations for over 37 years.

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