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May 25, 2022by eric

Before the guests even set foot inside the hotel, the first impression was already formed. It may have already sparked the beginnings of a guest’s opinion. Currently, well-updated social media channels help create striking and positive reviews. Moreover, it is even more essential to ensure that the hotel design and amenities support pre-arrival promises. 

Friendly-check and suitable locations are indeed crucial. A hotel’s interior design plays an essential role in forming the first impression regarding hotel design. Capital Hospitality Services (CHS) has a team of professional hotel designers. They will help you to provide a positive first impression to your guests. Discover how the design of the lobby and guest rooms can ensure a glowing first impression. 

Hotel Design- The Lobby- First Impression 

Hotel interior design is an opportunity to truly wow your guests. Friendly service, easy-to-navigate car park, and clear signage will give your guests a positive first impression. Although, a clever and stylish interior can blow them away. 

The hotel lobby is one of the first sticking points for potential guests. So, it should be designed with care. Glaring lighting echoing acoustics, and frustrating layout cause guests to consider whether the hotel lives up to the star rating they expect. These essential points will create a strong foundation for an exquisite design scheme that is memorable and stunning. 

Hotel Design – The Guest Room- First Impression 

Different types of hotels are designed to the needs of different guests. For instance, a hotel that has been designed especially for business guests’ minds will provide pure relaxation. It has a significant effect on the appearance of the room. Add a practical and stylish deck with proper lighting and charging points on the bedsides. Make everything speedy and smooth, from ordering service to checking out. 

Another critical point that is vital for the first impression of all hotel guests is the bed itself. However, the comfort of the bed may not be evident the first glance. The bed should provide a comfortable night’s sleep. The mattress size, linens, dressing, and bedsides all contribute to providing relaxation and comfort to guests. A night’s sleep is necessary to provide peace of mind. So, hotel owners should consider the renovation of guests’ rooms to increase the satisfaction of their potential guests. 

Hotel Design- With Capital Hospitality Services (CHS)

Customer satisfaction and comfort are equally significant for hotel owners and their guests. Luckily, with CHS, hotel owners have nothing to stress about hotel design. We have a team of professional hotel designers who will provide functional and visually appealing hotel designs. Further, we provide unique and innovative solutions for interior hotel designs. We ensure the comfort of your potential guests. Contact our professionals now. 


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