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May 25, 2022by eric

FF&E products have great importance to hotels by increasing elegance and brand value. Finding the right hotel procurement vendor is significant to generating higher value within your chosen budget. The hotel or motel owners should thoroughly research and evaluate numerous parameters to find the perfect FF&E procurement specialist. Here, we discuss the significance of the FF&E procurement vendor. What are the questions one must consider while finding the right FF&E partner? 

Hotel Procurement: Importance of FF&E Procurement Supplier 

All portable furniture, fittings, and equipment refer to FF&E. These are simple and easy to detach, thus, elevating your hotel brand value. Every hotel construction has various components of expense associated with FF&E, so the proprietor must contemplate these expenses in the aggregated budgets of the hotel’s construction. Although it is not incorporated in the building designs, some people mention it to portray size.

Undervaluing the overall expenses of hotel construction can disturb the brand experience. FF&E expenses can be substantial. These can overburden the hotel proprietor and can instigate financial wastage. So, hotel owners must have a functional plan to decide which part of the property needs which type of FF&E and respective budgets. Furthermore, the hotel owner should consider the perfect hotel procurement partner to strategically achieve a better Return on Value (ROV) on FF&E.   

Essential Questions to Ask to Find Perfect FF&E Supplier

Following are some points that hotel or motel owners should consider in finding the right hotel procurement partner: 

  • Evaluate how well the FF&E procurement vendor understands your hotel/motel vision and property? 
  • Does the FF&E supplying vendor make location visits? 
  • Access how far they understand your project requirement and the customized solutions they offer. 
  • Do they assist you in enhancing your vision and implementation strategy? 
  • On a scale of 10, how much skill, knowledge, experience, and expertise does the chosen supplier have? 
  • How considerably does the vendor help you in cost-saving?
  • Does the vendor offer a complete budget estimation? 
  • Have the selected hotel or motel provider’s previous projects been completed?
  • Does the supplier have a team of skilled professionals? Do they able to deliver end-to-end design and procurement facilities? 

Capital Hospitality Services (CHS) has a team of qualified FF&E team. Our professionals work closely with designers and project managers. So, we ensure the seamless, stress-free delivery of your hotel’s or motel’s furniture, fixture, and equipment. Moreover, we work with your FF&E suppliers and refer you to our trusted FF&E suppliers for hotel procurement. We can deliver the solutions that best fit your requirement. So, contact us today!


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