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March 15, 2022by eric

Tiles are the most popular interior designs products in the hotel industry. Tiles have been considered as decorative elements of hotel interior design for centuries. One of the oldest forms of tiles is ceramic tiles. These have been used in decorative arts. Moreover, they are valued for durability and beauty. You cannot imagine a hotel without tiles.
Tiles are used everywhere in the lobby, hallways, bathrooms, and walls. You can use a wide range of colors in tiles. Thus, it represents your brand identity. Floor tiles give unique character, cleanliness, and comfort to hotel interiors. Therefore, floor tiles are inexpensive and practical. You must pay attention to aesthetics while considering floor tiles for your hotel. Safety and comfort are significant aspects of choosing tiles.

Criteria for Choosing Floor Tiles for Hotel Interior Design

The purchase of tiles for a new hotel is more complicated than an existing hotel. It is the easiest way. While purchase for new location demands experienced renovation experts. These hotel renovators usually compare data from other buildings. You can use historical data for purchasing tiles for existing hotels. Capital Hospitality Services help you select the right floor tiles for the renovation of your hotel interior designs.

Tiles for Hotel Lobbies and Corridors

Upon arrival, guests first see hallway tiles and the hotel lobby. Thus, these create an impression in the mind of guests. Usually, tiles depend on the hotel’s style. Though your hotel is luxury or more low-budget, it is crucial to choose attractive and practical tiles for your hotel. The selected tiles should create an eye-catching look. Moreover, it should match the room function and fit other lobby elements.
For interior hotel designs, tiles should be durable, non-slip, and resistant to heavy traffic. You must consider the quality of the tiles. High-quality tiles can last for decades. Thus, there is no need to replace them. Finally, they don’t add any cost to hotel maintenance.

Granite Tiles for Hotel Floors

One of the best suggestions for tiles of a hotel is granite tiles. These tiles are solid and easy to clean. Moreover, these are resistant to fading and discoloration. Thus, there are many benefits to using granite in high-traffic areas. It is a popular choice among op hotel owners.
For premium quality flooring, granite is an ideal option for hotels. It will last for years. These tiles can withstand even the highest traffic. Hence, these are best for corridor and hotel lobbies areas. In addition to this, it is easy to keep them clean and shine. Granite tiles are resistant to staining and fading. Hence, its color will retain even in direct sunlight.

Stone Tiles for Hotel Floors

Natural stone tiles are luxury tiles themselves. These look exceptionally elegant and effective. Furthermore, these tiles are a timeless and universal option. Thus, help to create an attractive hotel interior design. Decorated natural stone tiles give a stunning appearance. Therefore, these tiles will surely surprise guests.
Along with aesthetic issues, stones tiles have strength and durability. Therefore, last for many years in intact condition. Some types of stones tiles need proper impregnation. It will protect the surface of tiles against damage.

Marble Hotel Flooring

Marble tiles are another popular choice for hotel flooring. However, these are less durable than granite. But, these are popular in luxurious hotels due to their aesthetic qualities. Another name for luxury and wealth is a marble. That’s why hotel renovators use marble for interior hotel designs. These tiles have a fantastic character that attracts guests.

Renovate Your Hotel Interior Designs with CHS

Hotels play a significant role, thus, connecting us to family and friends. They give us a new journey. When we need to relax, hotels are always there to provide comfort. Hotels demand renovation to get attraction from the guests.
Capital Hospitality Services (CHS) provide top-notch hotel renovation services. With the help of the best renovation services, hotel owners can give their guests comfortable and beautiful spaces. Contact our team of experts today.


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