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March 8, 2022by eric

The hotel lobby is one of the essential parts of the building. The lobby is the first room guests experience when they arrive at the hotel. And, we all know first impressions are lasting and count a lot. The Hotel lobby encourages social interactions. It is an area where they meet family & friends, check-in, check out or relax. We have discussed a few ideas to consider when renovating the Hotel Lobby.
Hotel lobby renovation is the best chance to create a new & fresh look to improve the guest experience. It needs attention to detail and experience with different styles. However, it is possible when you choose the best hotel renovation company.

Renovating a lobby by creating a multi-functional space:

The multi-functional space helps to create an unforgettable impression on your guests. The new hotel lobby should provide space for both casual and formal conversations. Nowadays, social meetings are increasing. The hotels are rearranging their lobby areas. Moreover, business traveling has become a growing trend. The best idea is to add a separate functional workspace with comfortable furniture. At the same time, create a unique peaceful space for others to relax. Adding plants and indoor waterfalls will make the guests feel connected to nature.

Multi-Functional Reception-Desk:

The reception desk is no more considered an ordinary piece of furniture. It needs to be fancy, clean & durable. Additionally, it should be convenient to the users and is usually built of popular material combinations like stone, wood, ceramic, brick, and glass. The inside of the reception desk consists of hidden cabinets, shelves to store documents, computers, printers, first-aid kits, etc., along with an essential element, i.e., the keys cabinet. The receptionist’s place must be consistent with the rest of the space.

Make it accessible:

Most guests love using the amenities like gyms, spas, pools, shops, and indoor cinemas. All these amenities make the guests feel good while staying at a hotel. If all these spaces are scattered around the hotel, your guests may not show interest in checking them. Therefore, redesign and reorganize your lobby to allow the guests quick access to all the amenity spaces. Include amenities such as free Wi-Fi, coffee and snack bars, gift shops, TVs, and other practical or unique offerings.

Comfort and Ambience:

The lobby should be comfortable and warm and should feel inviting. To achieve it, ensure that the furniture choice and lighting design are proper. Don’t overlook the walls. With people spending more time in lobbies, you can’t afford to ignore them. Hence, try including the designs and colors that complement the updated lobby. Adding wall coverings is a great way to freshen up a lobby’s look. The best way to make the lobby comfortable is to add some new furniture. So, don’t be afraid to invest in good furniture ideas because nobody wants to hang out in old armchairs and unsupportive sofas.

Keep it Calm and Clean:

Think of acoustics. Like beautiful and comfortable furniture, the acoustics in a hotel lobby is also important. Therefore, control ambient noise levels and create a warm, welcoming vibe. Plush sofas with high headrests will partially soundproof the room, and walls full of plants will also improve the space’s acoustics.
Cleanliness also creates a first impression on the guest. It is practical to choose colors and surfaces that mask the first traces of dirt. Ceramic tiles in the shade of natural stone and wood are perfect. They are resistant to mechanical damage and high traffic.

Make it Sustainable:

We are all ecologically responsible. More people are paying attention to the environment they are living in. Your lobby can be the starting to add the dose of eco-friendliness. Just let the fresh air and natural sunlight come in. Adding more plants and internal waterfalls will make guests feel connected to nature. Thus, ensure to recycle and reuse whatever you can.

Renovating your Lobby Area with CHS

Keeping the lobby fresh and modern is essential to keep the guests happy. Contact Capital Hospitality Services (CHS) to renovate your lobby and common areas with our best team of experts who have attention to detail and experience. Therefore, our team of professionals will make your entry both functional and distinctive.


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