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March 2, 2022by eric

The hospitality industry is in flux. So, hotel designs have changed with time. Due to the pandemic in 2020, the hotel industry has seen one change. It started to focus on one contactless technology. Therefore, it is to help guests prevent the spread of technology. Many hotels need renovation according to the latest technology. Many want the latest trends and designs in hotels. Hence, there are many “unknowns” about the experiences of customers. 

Like other industries, the hospitality industry needs to evolve. Nowadays, guests have more concerned with technology, cleanliness, and unique experiences. Also, hotel owners know the importance of guests. Hotel design should cater to guests. With the best hotel renovation company, you can satisfy your guests. Therefore, a new level of functionality and originality has emerged in people. That’s why guests are looking for clean and appealing places for them.  

In 2022 and onwards, new hotel designs depend on the evolution of guests in little time. Furthermore, These designs depend on the wants and needs of guests. The latest hotel design should be tailored to increase guest experience beyond leisure. The below discussion highlighted the predictions for both interior and exterior hotel designs.  

Interior-Hotel Designs

Increased Technology

The need for advanced technology in hotels is a growing trend in the future. Many new techs have been introduced in recent years. For example, contactless check-in and robot butlers are used to avoid direct contact with other people. Smart rooms are also have on the rise. Hence, these rooms provide comfort to guests.   


Functionality plays a vital role in hotel designs. Many hotel brands have begun to incorporate modular design elements. Therefore, this helps adapt guests’ needs to rooms and common areas. Guests are looking for multifunctional and appealing places.

Hotel renovators should use recycled, low-emission, and lifelong materials. The materials used for interior designs increase sustainability. Thus, these should be energy-efficient. It helps to improve wellness along with an increase in sustainability. 

Exterior-Hotel Design

Recycled & Sustainable Materials

Sustainable and energy-efficient materials should use for exterior hotel designs. We have seen the implementation of LED lighting and low-flow water fixtures in recent years. In addition to it, energy-efficient windows and electric vehicle charging stations are also executed. Hotel owners must use these elements of sustainable designs widespread. 

Architectural Features

The exterior facade of hotels should be edgy and on-trend. Guests expect to see more nuanced architectural features. Currently, cantilevered designs are in trend. One end of the design suspends freely while the other attaches to the building. Thus, you will be able to add 3D elements to buildings.  

Textural Diversity

Textual diversity plays a significant role in exterior hotel designs. Designers use more than one or two different exterior finishes. Thus, giving a building more dimensions. Hotels should implement a variety of finishes. It will help them to increase curb appeal.

Moreover, they can use finishes like brick, cultured stone, textured fiber cement siding, and reflective glass. These designs will help to create unique exteriors. They are made to integrate and fit into the local landscape.
Improved Lighting

Lighting helps to transform your hotel. Exterior light panels give a more modern look. Further, lighting attracts visitors. Many hotels use customized LED lights. Thus, it has become industry standard. Hotels can customize their properties with the help of advancements in LED lighting. Therefore, guests get attracted to multi-colored LED lights and effects. 

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The hospitality industry always provides its services no matter what is happening globally. Hotels connect us to family and friends. They provide us with a new journey. Furthermore, hotels are always there for us when we need to relax along our journey. But, they also need some renovations to get attractions from the people. 

Hotel owners can provide their guests with comfortable and beautiful spaces with the help of the best hotel renovation services. Capital Hospitality Services (CHS) provide top-notch renovation services efficiently. We have a committed team of experts. Contact our team of professionals today. So, We will offer you professional hotel services. You can trust our honest advice.


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