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February 23, 2022by eric

If you don’t renovate your hotel, your guests will fade away. It is as simple as that. The hotel’s renovation depends on the wear of the building and the budget. Whether you run a 5-star hotel in the center of the city or a small one in the suburbs, your hotel needs renovation.

Types of Hotel Renovation

Minor Renovations: 

These renovations involve repairs, repainting, and replacing drapes, carpets, furniture, wall coverings, and other minor fixtures requiring attention. Minor renovations are relatively inexpensive when compared to significant renovations. However, they are less frequent and are mainly done to keep the hotel looking the best.

Major Renovations:

Significant renovations are carried out to increase or decrease the hotel space. These renovations come with the most significant changes, including changing the physical hotel layout. Hotels may prefer to remove the walls to increase the area. Some hotels make partitions in a room for the guests’ convenience. Furthermore, the floors, roofs, and other elements like doors and windows may need frequent renovation. At times minor renovations like lighting, furniture, and bedding are included and done along with significant renovations. Below listed are a few significant renovations: 

Engineering Changes:

These include hotel management Systems & equipment, telephone Exchange, air Conditioning, exhaust system, and Fire Safety systems. Electric fittings in the Rooms, Lobby & Public Rooms also come under these changes. In addition, Safety & Energy Management Systems in recreational rooms and back areas. Projectors and computer systems in meeting rooms.

Construction Changes: 

-Rooms: Remodelling of room space, windows, doors, extension & conversion of rooms.

-Lobby: Change in design of reception area, business center, and other offices.

– Meeting Rooms: Combining or dividing the areas like storage, foyers, and cloakrooms.

– Public Rooms: Changing the Interior, structure, paintings & remodeling the counters & ceilings. 

– Recreational Areas: Extending or Merging the space to construct a swimming pool, changing room, and sauna.

Back Areas: Structural changes to the kitchen, laundry, lock room, and back offices

Circulation: Remodelling elevators, lifts stairs, fire exits, and other service areas.

Other Changes: 

These include changing furniture, lights, carpets & decorations in rooms, lobby, and all other areas.


The restoration process is also referred to as total renovation. It includes the renovation of entire corridors, lobby, elevators, stairs, or complete floor, revamping the emergency exits.

Make sure to minimize the guest’s inconvenience while renovating the hotel.

Undoubtedly, It is the responsibility of the management to be transparent about the ongoing renovation. Also, to avoid negative reviews, intimate the guests upon arrival. Work in sections, like one floor at a time, so that you have others to accommodate them. If you have no choice but to adapt them near the construction, try offering them discounts and compensate. Be sure to schedule quiet hours. Significantly, the off-season is the best time to begin renovations.

Finally, after the renovation, keep the excitement alive to flaunt it. It is not only for looking best but also for marketing purposes. So that the renovation can be beneficial. Here are some tips:

  • Update the hotel website & third-party website with the latest photos.
  • Share your renovation information on all social media platforms. 

 Emails to your clients informing them about the renovation

  • Update your sales brochures.
  • Upload photos & short videos of your hotel on social media.

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