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April 12, 2022by eric

The first impression applies to different industries, including hospitality. Many factors contribute to the success of hotels. Thus, color, appropriate light intensity, and arrangement of lamps are some significant factors. Hotel lighting has an impact on the mood and concentration of the guests. The original decoration of the hotel is lighting as it can constitute a stylistic coherence of the interior. Also, it attracts the attention of visitors effectively.   

Hotel Lobbies

The hotel’s lobby is the very first place that customers notices. The lobby welcomes guests and invites them. Many lighting design specialists suggest separating hotel lighting into an active zone and a resting area. You should use warm and dim light where guests are waiting. Contrarily, use bright light at the reception desk. The task of main hotel lighting is to provide general light. Moreover, it can be created by installing wall lamps and pendant lamps. 

Lighting is an essential element to facilitate directing guests to the reception. The crystal chandelier is likely to be a delightful and impressive solution. Furthermore, it is also necessary to think about the individual lamps above the reception desk. 

Hotel Corridors

Hotel corridors are becoming more and more representative elements of architecture. The communication routes inside the hotel are the hotel corridors. Hence, it must be well lit when guests are around. 

 It would be best to have proper lighting in the corridors. The lighting emphasizes the location of elevators and stairs. Also, it creates a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere in the interior. Therefore, it ensures easy orientation. Corridor lighting is used in ceiling lamps, downlights, or wall lamps. It is crucial to adjust lighting with varying brightness. Do not create monotonous lighting for the eyes. In a long corridor, the light can cause a tunnel impact. 

Energy Saving

An enormous amount of electricity is consumed in hotels. So, it is vital to introduce solutions that will allow for decreasing energy consumption. It would be best to use LED lighting, motion detectors, and twilight sensors in outdoor lighting. Moreover, there is an advanced lighting system. This system controls the entire lighting in the hotel. Hence, these lights select appropriate intensity depending on the time of day and needs.  

Design, functionality, warmth of the interior, and calm atmosphere are essential factors in proper hotel lighting. Hotel owners can get adequate lighting with the services of the best hotel renovators.

How Does Lighting Affect Our Mood? 

Hotel lighting provides illumination to help guests. Along with it, it can influence the individual experience.  

The human brain gets influenced by the color of light. In the modern world, guests spend the day in windowless rooms. They use both artificial and natural lights. Artificial lights give us light anytime when natural light is unavailable.  

Color Management

Lighting can either highlight or diminish hotel rooms. The color scheme of hotel rooms creates distinct moods. For example, if a hotel room has a blue color, it may look cheery in the daylight. But, during nighttime, it looks gloomy. That’s why warm lights need to counteract. 

For proper lighting, LED sources are also the best option. It is less expensive to operate. Moreover, it adds to guests’ comfort. Warm lighting tones are helpful for the excellent night’s sleep of guests. While a mix of warm and cool tones helps to keep the eye relaxed. 

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