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April 5, 2022by eric

Hotel Renovation is a vital tool to attract new customers and retain old ones. Therefore, every hotel undergoes renovation to meet its guests’ changing needs. However, most hotels cannot afford to close during the renovation work. So, if you are planning a renovation project, consider working with the best hotel renovation company. Also, to keep your business going, use the below-mentioned hospitality remodeling tips.

Plan Hotel Renovation Accordingly:

The essential step in any renovation is to have a detailed plan to follow. Create a plan that defines the scope of the project and is realistic. Additionally, involve the managers related to property, including the owner, in the planning process. Ensure that the renovation project is scheduled without interfering with the guest’s stay. However, creating a flexible plan to modify throughout the renovation process provides a satisfying environment for the guests.

Keep the Transparency:

Being transparent is a better option than pretending. Let the guests be aware of the ongoing renovation. Send out the information through emails, blogs, or newsletters. Link the news on your website and the photos of models of guests’ rooms. It will help the guests to understand and anticipate disruptions during their stay.

Additionally, you can make the guests excited about the makeover. The intimation of renovation will make the guests feel that the management cares about their comfort. It will make them more connected to the brand. Furthermore, it will help to avoid negative reviews.

Create a buffer Zone:

Create a buffer zone between your guests and the space where renovation is carried out. Experts suggest that you isolate the work to one floor or one area at a time. These zones will help you keep the guests far from the noises and mess of the renovation.
Be prepared to set limitations and work within the constraints to create a positive experience. Also, plan so that the guests are not affected by the construction while using the hotel spaces.

Make the guests comfortable:

While planning the renovation, ensure to finish it without disrupting the guests because their experience and satisfaction are critical to the hotel. Moreover, Happy customers will give you good reviews. Although, disappointed guests may post negative reviews, which will affect the business. So, take measures to minimize the impact. If the guests have any complaints about the noises, offer them another room. If the option is not available, try other measures like offering them discounts on a future booking.

Train your team:

Your staff is the lifeline of your hotel. Because they are the ones who meet guests, make them comfortable, and resolve their problems. Also, they can communicate about the new changes to guests in a positive manner. Your staff’s responsibility is to assure the guests that they are taken care of. It is better to handle the issues during the renovation with trained staff.

Hire an experienced Hospitality Remodeling Company:

Lastly, hiring an experienced hotel general contractor is essential. They will understand the challenges that come up during the renovation. Also, they know the importance of minimizing the guest’s disruption. Having a contractor who understands the traffic flow through the hotel and knows to keep the guests and employees safe will make the renovation smooth.


It is always important to deliver an outstanding guest experience all the time. You can minimize the inconvenience to your guests with the help of the above hospitality remodeling tips and an experienced contractor, creating buzzer zones and a supporting team.

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