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March 29, 2022by eric

Hotel Renovation is a serious business. On top of that, renovating the hotel dining area requires much thought. Most hotel owners don’t give a thought to the functioning or décor of their restaurant. Hence, they don’t realize its impact on their business.

To increase your hotel’s revenues, take a look at your restaurant. Your guests pay attention to two things: 1. Delicious Food 2. exquisite ambiance. However, if you cannot reap the benefits, you need to renovate the hotel dining area with the best Hotel Renovation Company.

Here are a few tips for renovating your hotel restaurant so you can rejuvenate its look.

Start with a plan

Make a list of your goals. Plan before the renovation starts. Then, go on with the market research. Furthermore, check your competitors to see what you like and don’t. Talk to your peers, and take suggestions from your customers. It ensures that your restaurant’s core concept is not lost in the renovation. Also, consider your brand image. Focus on the target audience before finalizing any plans.

Set up a Budget

Setting a budget should be on any renovations checklist. The renovation projects always cost more than what you expect. However, setting up a budget requires special attention. The best way is to hire a professional. It will help if you are not experienced with the budget.

Decide on revenue generators

Do you know your hotel restaurant attracts local diners and hotel guests? Alcohol has a high-profit margin. Also, a spectacular bar can boost its sales. The hotel bar and dining area are the biggest revenue generators. Thus, consider renovating them.

Feedback from guests and diners

The entire idea of renovating your dining area is to bring more diners. Consider talking to your diners and hotel guests. The experience of diners is the sole purpose of renovation. Thus, ask for their opinions. Also, consider including décor, lighting, and seating in the renovation.

Define your target audience

You need to know what type of customer you are looking for. The design must appeal to them. Otherwise, it’s hard to design the space. So, it is essential to know your target audience. Also, understand their preferences. If your hotel guests are more families, go with a casual look. Also, if you see young professionals checking into your hotel, you may go with a modern look.

Keep up with the latest trends

Check out the latest trends in restaurant decor and themes. If your hotel restaurant has not been renovated in years, it might need a complete remodeling. Make a renovation plan that differentiates from the competitors.

Market your renovated restaurant

A very important step of any renovation is to let the world know about it. Although, you can start doing it from the beginning. It will help to maximize your benefits. Make a plan and start marketing the renovation. You can offer discounts to your hotel guests. Also, offer special packages combined with a meal. Take advantage of the Internet. Put it on your website and social media platforms.

Renovate your Hotel Dining Area with CHS

Renovation requires special considerations like Ventilation, lighting, air conditioning, interior design, furniture, etc. Contact Capital Hospitality Services (CHS) to renovate your hotel dining area. Our team of professionals will support you throughout the design and renovation process. It will help you attract a lot of local diners or even your hotel guests.


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