CHS HotelHotel Remodeling: Important Things You Should Consider

June 8, 2022by eric

The biggest challenge for any hotel owner is balancing guests’ happiness and revenue generation. They can address these concerns by renovating an older property. Whether upgrading the hotel to maintain revenues, improving the guest experience, or preparing it for sale, you should know these things before the hotel remodeling process starts.

Plan Early

Early planning helps ensure the project’s objectives are clear. It allows you to keep things on track. Giving yourself a proper plan helps track the milestones as you move through each renovation phase.

Physical Evaluation 

The hotel needs a physical evaluation to know which required renovation. It refers to restorations of something to a good condition or repairs. Accordingly, a physical inspection is carried out to prepare a report that specifies which area involves renovation. Following are subsidiaries of renovation: 

Refurbishing: Involves repairing and fixing, decorating, and restoring the hotel’s appearance. It includes changing of furniture & fittings.

Redecoration: The process of painting, giving touch-ups to the furniture and finishes, and changing the rooms’ wallpapers.

Remodeling: In this, the hotel focuses on improving a structure that is defective, outdated, or damaged.

Interior & Painting

The paint of your hotel walls maximizes the hotel interior design and can significantly impact the guest experience. Does a fresh coat of paint do the job, or does it need more? You can get an answer to this question by researching other local hotels’ designs & amenities or taking the help of an expert.

Time Allocation 

The timing of hotel remodeling is another important factor. Many hotel renovations are planned in the offseason as it gives more flexibility and can reduce the inconvenience to guests. So, make the arrangements for guests prior to avoid any inconvenience and discomfort. Be honest with them about the ongoing renovation. Be prepared to ensure them that the work will not affect them.

Budget Allocation 

Before starting the hotel remodeling process, you need a budget estimation report and a detailed report of expenses for different areas. Carry out the budget contingency for unforeseen conditions in the renovation. Besides, allocation of the budget will help to prevent overspending.

Create a Schedule

Having a well-planned schedule for a renovation helps prevent any mishaps & enables smooth functioning of the people working on the project. Undoubtedly, a renovation schedule will prevent too many delays, reduce unnecessary breaks, and ensure that the work starts and finishes on time.

Clear Communication 

Firstly, make sure your communication is clear. Reliable communication is crucial. Know who part of the team is. Then, select an experienced team of hotel renovators who understand the project’s level of services and scope. Usually, one project manager maintains daily contact with the renovation site supervisor, which will help you track the renovation process.

Engage the staff 

Engaging your staff makes them feel part of the project and involved. Your staff represents your business. The staff gathers feedback from your guests. They also make sure to minimize the disruptions as much as possible. 

Hire the Experts

Firstly, get as many quotes as possible for the renovation. You may get different things from different kinds of renovators. Then, find one who can do it all and who will give you the best. 

Boost the Promotions 

When the renovation comes near an end and is ready for the big reveal, plan to promote the new look. So, look for opportunities to promote the improvements through online promotions and media. 

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