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June 10, 2022by eric

Trends and tastes change with time. The design once made your hotel stylish is likely to fall out eventually. So, to keep up with the competition, it’s necessary to perform renovations of your guest rooms. It keeps your hotel looking its best. Though hotel renovation seems daunting, updates can increase your annual hotel revenues. You should explore the financial impact of guest room renovations to determine the maximization of your revenues year after year. 

Hotel Renovation: Reason to Increase Your Rates

Guest rooms’ renovation gives hotel owners more room and a reason to increase the rates. So, the newly renovated rooms will increase the value of your hotel. It can serve to support a smart increase in rates. The hotels that have not undergone renovations for a long time offer the lowest rates to stay ahead of the competition. 

There are many ways to bring increased value to your guests’ experience at your hotel. It will be necessary to equip the rooms with services and materials of the same quality as the competitors targeted for the renovation. For example, you can add jetted tubs with Roman tub faucets and power outlets with USB plug-ins.

Further, you can use blackout drapes with decorative panels. Guests will feel more contented booking at your hotel if the features of your hotel outclass the competition. Even they are ready to pay a little higher price for their comfort. Capital Hospitality Services (CHS) provides the best renovation services, thus, making your guest rooms more comfortable.

RevPAR Improvement and Occupancy Rates

Renovations support revenue per available room (RevPAR) and increase the occupancy rates across the board. Your happy customers play an important role as most of these improvements come from word-of-mouth advertising. They tell their friends, family, and neighbors about their experiences. So, your guests should satisfy and impressed with your hotel experience. 

Your hotel will generate revenues with high occupancy rates. As word spreads about the impression of your renovation, guests will likely flock to your hotel. Thus, they will keep your occupancy rates optimized throughout every season. In this way, you can reach your annual goals. 

Hotel Renovation: Generation of Publicity

Hotel renovations are a great way to increase the popularity of your hotel. It is also helpful to drum up publicity. It is particularly true if hotel owners choose a unique approach to their guest room renovations. Renovation should be according to the themes of hotels. CHS has dedicated hotel designers, thus, helping your guest room renovations. 

Plan Your Renovations with CHS to Improve Your Hotel’s Revenue

If you want to boost the annual revenues, start planning the renovation of your hotel guest room today. Capital Hospitality Services (CHS) provide the best hotel renovation services. We have professionals who put their time and effort into improving your guest rooms. Eventually, it gives you a reason to maximize interest and enhance your hotel’s popularity. With CHS, you can stay ahead of the competition year after year. Contact us now! 



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