CHS Hotel5 Hotel Renovation Ideas That Create Value for Your Guests

November 15, 2022by eric

At some point, every hotel owner needs to renovate the hotel to improve and keep the facilities up to date. A hotel renovation is an opportunity to increase brand loyalty, impact occupancy rates and optimize operations. Innovative ideas will ensure your hotel doesn’t get behind the digital revolution.

Hotel renovations can be done successfully when you work with an experienced hotel renovation company. The renovation can be updating the décor, fixing maintenance issues, or ensuring the space looks fresh and inviting to guests. But a good hotel design will differentiate your hotel from the competition and make your guest’s stay as memorable as possible.

Revamp the Lobby

The hotel lobby is one of the first areas that create the first impression when the guests walk through the doors of your hotel. We all know that the first impression really matters. The hotel lobby is the heart of your hotel. It has more than one function. Therefore, the space should be creatively segmented to provide zones that serve different needs. Renovating the lobby space with updates such as freshly painted walls and new furniture, carpeting, or hardwood flooring can help set a tone for your hotel.

Upgrade the guest room design with new elements

Upgrade the guest room design with new elements. Instead of renovating each guest room similarly, you can differentiate some rooms. This way, you can offer room upgrades as part of your upselling strategy. Create a restful ambiance for the guests by painting the walls with a soft hue. Adding framed artwork will give personality and charm to the space. Installing windows in the room allows for making use of natural light. Adding window treatments will not only create privacy but also lets in plenty of light.

Upgrade with smart technology

The post covid era is all about technology for the hospitality industry. When staying at hotels, guests expect contactless experiences. However, contactless solutions are only possible with smart technology. Hoteliers can use smart technology to transform their hospitality business. The following are the ways to consider delivering unique and memorable guest experiences.

  • Install a contactless front desk system 
  • Upgrade amenities with smart services through a mobile app
  • Offer wifi access throughout the property wherever possible
  • Enable guests to check in remotely through their mobile device
  • Designed Lounges for conferences and meetings with high-density wifi.

Enhance bar areas and lounges

The bar, lounges, or other entertainment areas are the first things that need to be renovated as guests typically visit them. One way to improve this is by adding more seating. It will allow the guests to socialize with each other. Add larger Tv screens to display the latest sports, concerts, and other events. Consider investing in better lighting, trendy & comfortable furniture, and glassware so guests can enjoy the space.

Create a comfortable & relaxing environment

The possibilities are endless when it comes to hotel renovation. A few features can wow your guests and create a balance of comfort and relaxation. Some of the features include

  • Heated pool for the chilly winters
  • Private balconies or terraces to enjoy the views
  • Bathrooms with tubs and walk-in showers
  • Heated floors to keep the guests cozy during the colder months

Renovate Your Hotel with Capital Hospitality Services

Contact Capital Hospitality Services for your hotel renovation that will positively impact the guest’s experience and offers more convenience, speed, and control to guests, staff, and management. The hotel renovation has many benefits, including updating the tired design, maintenance issues, and staying ahead. So, these will ensure that your hospitality business will cater to the needs of modern guests and changing demands.


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