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November 17, 2022by eric

The hotel lobby is one of the most important places in your hotel. It is the first room your guest’s experience when they arrive, and first impressions matter a lot. The hotel lobby has more functions. It allows you to address the guest’s needs. The lobby layout should make the guests feel welcome and reassure them that they have chosen the right kind of accommodation. Hence, the space should be designed and segmented to serve the different kinds of needs of the guests. Here are the essentials of hotel lobby design.

Consider Scale

The one thing that stands out is behavioral change post-pandemic. The time people spending time in communal areas such as lobbies has become very less. Even that less amount of time is spent maintaining social distance. Therefore, it is essential to consider your lobby design scale while accommodating the changing times.

Design Strategy

The lobby design strategy should be the perfect balance between form and function. Since the lobby is the busiest place in any hotel, the design strategy must have the visitor’s and guests’ needs front of mind. The hotel lobby is also a perfect spot for informal meetings and check-ins. Hence, the design strategy should make the lobby multi-functional can accommodate different requirements.

Dedicated Zones

Once, the hotel lobbies acted as an entry into the building and an access point to other hotel zones. But today, lobbies are where you find the guests enjoying a more exclusive experience. Create dedicated zones to cater to specific needs. Separate remote work-friendly zones from casual, fun, and relaxing zones. Zoning becomes a critical aspect of the space layout while designing the lobby area. Opt for smart and strategic placement of furniture and user-friendly elements.


The type of lighting in your lobby will impact the initial impressions and guests’ responses to it. If the lighting is too bright, the place may look uninviting, and if it is too dark, it may appear gloomy and small. Consider one lighting theme that makes the entire lobby stand out. For working spaces within the lobby, use practical task lighting solutions that don’t cause glare on tablets or smartphone screens. For the social areas in the hotel lobby, opt for ambient lighting that allows the guests to relax and enjoy the environment. Hence, it is essential to decide on the right lighting scheme early in the lobby design process.

Style and furnishings

The most important part of your lobby is the design style. The furnishing options will break or make the space functional. Hence, it is required to consider the furnishings specifically for each zone you create. Opt for high-quality, luxurious furniture that is soft and inviting for the guests to relax. However, choose ergonomically designed chairs and desks to ensure maximum comfort for the co-working spaces within the lobby. 

Design your Lobby Area with CHS

Keeping the lobby welcoming and functional is essential to keep the guests happy. Contact Capital Hospitality Services (CHS) to renovate your lobby with our best team of experts who have attention to detail and experience. Therefore, our team of professionals will make your lobby both functional and distinctive.



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