CHS HotelHotel Design: Key Elements of Successful Hotel Architecture

November 21, 2022by eric

Nowadays, hotels are no longer just a place to sleep the night. A hotel is a place that provides guests with the opportunity to experience the culture of the location they are visiting. The hotel design and architecture tell a story. It defines the visitors’ experience during their stay.
Architecture and design are also considered to be important to run a successful hotel. The hotel’s exterior and interior design should create unique and unforgettable experiences for the guests.
Here are a few key elements one should consider when hiring hotel designers for their property.

Tell a Story

Storytelling is an integral part of your hotel design. It is important to have a unique concept when building or redesigning a hotel. It will help in shaping the identity of the hotel. Hence, the materials and functionality of different spaces throughout the hotel need to reflect your concept and design inspiration and tell your story.

Make the first impression.

During the hotel design process, the designers consider a few key areas of the hotel’s interior. The hotel lobby is the first place to shape the client’s first impression.
Ensure that the aesthetics of the lobby is aligned with the hotel concept. Most of the time, visitors gather in this space. Your hotel lobby’s unique design and aesthetics will encourage the guests to take photos and share them on social media. It will give your hotel free advertisement and attract more clients.

Guest Rooms Design

The hotel room is one place where the guests sleep and relax. The guests decide if they have chosen the right hotel based on the room. To make their stay pleasant at the hotel, ensure a comfortable bed, spacious shower, and adequate storage for their luggage.

Reflect the location

The guests have chosen your location for a reason, whether they are on a business trip or a vacation. Give the hotel some local touches, making them feel like part of a local community. It can be in architectural elements, building materials, or color schemes. Include decor pieces that directly reference the destination. Consider the climate conditions of your location as an important factor in your hotel design. The weather outside should determine what the outside section of the hotel will look like and how it will impact the interior sections.

Design common areas

The hotel’s common areas, like breakfast and lounge areas, the restaurant, or the pool, should reflect the hotel’s branding. These areas demand to meet both the functional and aesthetic needs of guests from different cultures. Include areas for fun, relaxation, and socialization in the floor plan, making it easy for people to interact and make memories.

Choose the Professional Hotel Designer

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