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November 23, 2022by eric

Hotel renovations are an integral part of hotel owners. Hotel guests are often very demanding. They want comfort and attractive interior design. They also expect a high standard of equipment, top-notch service, and original hotel interior arrangements. Indeed, renovated hotels can encourage a significant number of guests. The hotel décor distinguishes it from other hotels, attracting guests in a specific style.  

Design and Renovation of Hotel Rooms

You can see the space where guests will stay when you plan to arrange a hotel room. Although, each guest has a different sense of aesthetics. Interior designers, architects, and hotel owners must consider the target audience visiting the hotel what a hotel owner should do to feel every guest comfortable in a hotel room. It is quite a challenging task. 

The style of the hotel is another important aspect of hotel renovations. Whether the interior should be glamorous or contain a more minimalistic design? Functionality and beauty are two essential factors. To sum up, all hotel rooms should combine aesthetic and practical values. The hotel room is a guest’s rest area, so it should be universal, neat, and equipped with a bed and comfortable mattress. 

It is best when construction experts and designers create a stylistic extension of the bedroom area. Capital Hospitality Services (CHS) has the best team of hotel designers who provides unique and appealing hotel interior designs. 

Hotel Renovations: Hotel lobby and Front Desk 

The hotel lobby and front desk are crucial places that make the first impression. It is the place to invite your guests to stay in the facility. Here, your guests wait to check in and complete the relevant paperwork. So, a comfortable couch should be placed in your hotel lobby and front desk area. For showing luxury, a leather couch can be used. The upholstered fabric of excellent quality will also work. It is worth hiring trusted FF&E suppliers and the best hotel designers. Capital Hospitality Services (CHS) has a professional and dedicated team of hotel designers who will support you throughout the architecture and interior design process.    

Renovation and Arrangement of the Hotel Dining Room

Renovating a hotel dining area serving delicious meals is also vital in hotel spaces. Let’s focus on arranging the dining room for guests. The hotel dining area should have tables, either squares or round. It should match stylistically with the rest of the hotel rooms. Most importantly, interior designers should choose elegant armchairs that ensure comfort. With solid and durable furniture, hotel owners can minimize costs. 

Some hoteliers believe furniture of durable materials does not look aesthetic. Further, it takes up a lot of space, causing obstacles in the case of small hotel spaces. Fortunately, it is just a wrong impression. You can use solid wood furniture and stainless steel furniture without much hassle. Wooden tabletops on steel legs give a lighter look. Besides, their minimalist, intriguing forms will attract the attention of guests. These types of furniture are great decorations on their own. You do not need much in a room with such kind of furniture. 

Plan Your Hassle-Free Hotel Renovations with CHS

Are you looking to renovate your hotel? Do you have a plan for hotel renovations? You have come to the right place. Capital Hospital Services (CHS) is the best provider of hotel renovation services in the USA. So, we have a dedicated team of specialists with extensive years of experience. Make the experience of your hotel renovations stress-free with our specialists. Contact us now!


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