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October 31, 2021by eric
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How do we evaluate your property?

Before designing your renovation, we will use many images and existing plans or walk your property to get familiar with it. During this visit or our next, we, as Hotel General Contractors, will take photos of each elevation and any specific areas that we will be improving. To prepare for any potential issues that may arise, we will often visit the hotel to review your property alongside ownership or a member of the ownership to account for existing conditions of the property. We will also record spots that could present issues for design & installation.


How do we find & adhere to your brand’s requirements?

Typically, your brand will send you PIP or (Property Improvement Plan). This PIP includes details about your hotel, from interior & exterior to technology, and what changes/updates need to be made in each area.


When you receive a PIP that includes requirements for exterior renovations/repairs & updates, that is when you contact CHS. We take your PIP and help turn it into guests in rooms with a higher ROI.


As for sticking to your brand’s requirements, that’s been our specialty for over 37 years. We’ve mastered the art of making the exterior of your unique hotel while also adhering to your brand’s latest prototype (or design).


How do we review & manage your budget?

After reviewing your property and brand requirements from your PIP, CHS then evaluates your budget. Your hotels’ ownership/management budget will help us get you closer to your renovation goal. This way, CHS can determine and be much more efficient in providing you with a legitimate building enhancement. In addition, reviewing your budget will allow us to determine how to renovate your hotel in the most cost-efficient way possible. Using our extensive experience in the industry, we value-engineer your project so you get the best renovation at the best price.


Your hotel brand’s PIP will help us decide where & how your budget needs to be allocated. If you don’t have a PIP, there’s no need to worry. Our years of experience working in the hotel renovation industry have prepared us for these situations, and our team will help prepare a plan of designs & repairs for your hotel.


Developing the Proposal & Design

When we develop your proposal and design, we take your PIP, budget, and any improvements into account. Therefore, to give you the best offer at the best price. Along with requirements, we will also discuss your preferences for color combinations. We will also consider the placement of any materials such as faux wood or brick. So, you receive your dream hotel renovation. In addition, our years of experience in the industry have allowed us to develop relationships with brands and suppliers. Thus, as hotel general contractors, we provide a value-engineered hotel renovation.


Completing your Hotel Renovation 

Now that we have a plan, proposal & Design, the following steps towards a better hotel renovation include:

  • Brand Approval
  • Renderings & Construction Drawings
  • Job Site Permitting

We’ll walk you through these steps to make your renovation process streamlined, transparent, and hassle-free.


Renovation timelines can vary depending on the size of the project. Moreover, it can rely on its time to approve designs and permits. Therefore, it is best to plan for delays such as these. Also, unexpected delays such as water damage can prolong the renovation.


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