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January 25, 2022by eric

The hotel industry has been transforming extensively. Successful renovation is the crucial strategy for the hotel industry to meet the new demands. Thus, to stay alive and ahead in the competitive landscape. Moreover, customer satisfaction trends are changing dynamically. So the hotel industry must transform itself to achieve superior customer satisfaction and stay ahead of competitors. 

Most of the intentions behind hotel renovation may be to modernize the outdated facilities or conduct brand transformation. It is to improve customer experiences. 

A hotel renovation isn’t as simple as it seems. It is merely due to a shortage of strategic and structured processes in the overall hotel renovation vision. Most hotel renovations projects fail primarily because of inappropriate planning and project expenses, lagging in accomplishing forecasted ROI. For hotels to complete flawless renovation with an effective strategy, there are certain aspects to understand and evaluate. Here we discuss such considerations for a successful hotel renovation journey. 

Evaluate Purpose

Ultimately formulate your mission statement and goals to achieve due to conducting renovation. Further, also interpret and write down the spectrum of the hotel renovation process. Without evaluating this, you will have no idea where your efforts are heading. It also increases your budget without delivering a return on the value you wish to achieve within your budget. 

Choose Right Partner

Discover a suitable hotel renovation partner who fits your vision and understands your brand expectations. Moreover, he completed the project within your planned budget. In evaluating the renovation partner, assess various factors like the experience of the team and company. Furthermore, they have completed renovation projects, client reviews, quality assurance standards, manufacturing capacities, province of the company, etc. 

Evaluate Your Budget

Quality or standards always have costs associated with it, so the more you spend, the more you get. Still, the question is whether it is worth spending beyond your operational business capacity. It is not recommended that the hotels overspend on renovation beyond their functional business capacity instead of evaluating the value you would like to generate within your budgets. So, draw an equation between your budget’s return on interest and importance. 

To confirm how much renovation funds you would like to spend, conduct extensive market research on your brand value. You can also conduct competitor analysis. Conduct an inspection to recognize the extent of asserted conclusions based on your invested amount. Also, comprehend the inward and outward factors that could influence the project outcomes and costs incurred in resolving them. 

Define Communication process 

Ensure the renovation experts establish a productive communication platform to document and enunciate project information, whether to convey updates or accept ad hoc requirements, to communicate the progress of the process. This guarantees that the outcome is as aspired in deliberated budgets. 

FormulatePerformance Metrics

To achieve desirable results from renovation partners, the hotels need to define the metrics to compute. When conducted in a specific time frame, these metrics can help the hotels. Further, these ensure the project progression is by the vision and avoid unnecessary costs. Also, they assess the renovation implementation efficacy and understand the tangent value from the desired results.


Not all projects are deployed and forget type. So make sure that the renovation service partner also provides extended service assistance in case of any issues even after deployment of the project.


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