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December 27, 2022by eric

The hotel design can significantly impact how much business and corporate travel it gets. It’s essential to ensure that the design fits in with the overall aesthetic of your property and its surroundings. An attractive hotel exterior also contributes to the quality of guests’ stay. We put together seven best hotel exterior design ideas to attract your business and give your property an edge.

What may be possible for one property might not work for another property. Though one thing is sure; guests want an unforgettable experience whether they come for leisure or work. We hope to inspire you with these seven hotel exterior ideas. These ideas enhance your property and bring in more business.

Provide Attractive Outdoor Seating

Adding attractive outdoor seating is a great way to show guests that your hotel is a comfortable and pleasant place. These areas can also use to facilitate safer, open-air events and meetings.

For example, if your hotel is situated in a city area, you can use bistro-style seating around the outside. So guests can sit and enjoy their quality time.

Contrast With The Surroundings

Many hotel owners contrast contemporary glass, steel, concrete, timber, and bronze structures with the brick buildings surrounding the hotel.

For example, you decide to contrast with the vibrant neighborhood by keeping your design minimalist and classic.

Add A Water Feature

Water features bring more nature to your outdoor space, depending on the type. This feature often gives properties a fresh feel and heightens guests’ sensory experience.

Some hotels utilize water features as essential elements of the property’s exterior. This helps to enhance a sense of calm and nature. So, the water features can be installed to match the hotel’s aesthetics and age.

Freshen The Look With Greenery

You can still bring a log of greenery even if your property is in the city. You can plant some trees around the outside of the hotel. This way, you can bring guests closer to the surrounding nature and environment. Also, it is a great way to treat them to an extraordinary experience. It will also help with hotels looking to be more sustainable 

Incorporate Art Into Your Exterior

Regarding hotel exterior design ideas, standing out from the crowd should be a fundamental goal. You can place an art collection around your property. Indeed, a hotel design is a living thing in a way. With its interior, it’s transitory and subject to passion.

Bring The Indoors, Outdoors

Is there any better way to attract guests than to bring them indoors and outdoors? Many hotels utilize their outdoor space with an open-air library so that guests can take benefit of the weather.

Besides, you can create other experiences such as a theatre or cinema, a café, or even a yoga studio.

Use Windows To Enter Natural Light In And Warm Light Out

Regarding hotel exterior design, the design and shape of your windows are essential. Not only does the amount of light they let in change the sensory experience of the hotel and the mood of the guests the light it lets out at night gives it a whole other personality.  

Many hotels prioritize natural light and large windows, allowing the building to show off its interiors. Large windows will make rooms feel airy and light. And when it’s nighttime, they give off a warm, comforting glow. 

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