CHS HotelHotel Design: Interior Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

December 1, 2022by eric

In the hospitality industry, ensuring a memorable experience for the guests is important. Some hotel design mistakes might be small, but the impact must never be underestimated. Small mistakes might impact the guest’s impression of your brand. However, these mistakes are avoidable when working with the best hotel designers.

Common mistakes in hotel design projects

The following are the most common mistakes in hotel design

Lobby Seating

We all experience a wait when our room is not quite ready or have to wait patiently until the transportation arrives. The absolute must when designing a hotel is to ensure ample seating. The furniture should be large enough to accommodate guests’ comfort without disturbing the flow of traffic and luggage. You need to ensure that the furniture is durable and need to have space to have enough seating to alleviate the possibility of your guests standing around. 

Poor Lighting

Ensure that all areas of the hotel have adequate lighting with direct or dedicated lighting sources. Improved lighting enhances the experiences of the guests and gives a sense of security. The following are the techniques that can be implemented wherever possible for better lighting.

  • Use natural light wherever possible
  • Keep the lobby lighting mix of dramatic and practical
  • Keep the hallways, staircase, and parking areas lit for safety
  • Entrance/Exit lighting
  • Ample bathrooms lighting
  • Closet lights that turn on automatically when the door is closed

Inappropriate Furniture

The furniture you choose for your hotel must be appropriate and compatible with the style and aesthetic of the space. The furniture must suit the hotel’s design, style, and guests’ needs. It has to serve as a source of comfort and must match the colors and patterns already in the space. Additionally, it is also important to consider the dimensions of the furniture. 

Misuse of space

Without a doubt, guest rooms must be a home away from home. The hotel guests’ rooms should offer all the comforts and necessities. Therefore, you need to ensure the comforts of everyday life in the smallest spaces possible without making it look cluttered. While you should make the most out of the space, you need to use it optimally, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Inadequate Electricity

Technology is now advanced. The guests will be bringing their own devices that require charging by electricity. It is important to provide enough electrical outlets for your guests to charge their devices. The guests must have access to charging, USB ports to sit anywhere and work, and other data options when applicable.

Choose the Professional Hotel Designer

Hotel owners can provide their guests with comfortable and beautiful spaces with the help of the best hotel designer services. Capital Hospitality Services (CHS) efficiently provides top-notch renovation and hotel design services. We have a committed team of experts. You can trust our honest advice. So, contact our team today for professional hotel design services.



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