CHS HotelHotel Remodeling: 4 Ways to Improve the Look of Hotel Rooms

November 28, 2022by eric

There is no concrete rule for hotel remodeling, renovations, and repairs. It should take place promptly to prevent expenses or additional property damage. Hotel owners strive to keep their properties modern, safe and attractive to attract guests. This way, they can keep their profits high. 

Many hotel guests log onto the websites to scope out the properties and their amenities. They find in the photos whether to book your hotel or not. Indeed, a picture’s worth 1000 words. 

It is important enough to the business that you’re considering hotel remodeling. Consider revamping your hotel rooms to look better in person and online. Luckily, you can perform one of many simple projects to do just that. Capital Hospitality Services (CHS) provide top-notch hotel renovation services at an affordable rate. Contact our professionals now! 

How To Improve The Look Of Hotel Rooms?

Keep Linens Simple

Do your hotel rooms appear clean, plush, and inviting? Probably, the bed is the first thing guests will look at in your room pictures. So, it’s the most important part of the room.

If not, it’s the right time for hotel remodeling. Start with updating your linens. Boldly patterned bedding will give your hotel room a slightly dated appearance. So, try to keep it simple by swapping these shams, blankets, and sheets for monochromatic and modern versions. You should pay close attention to the feel of the bedsheets you select. Guests love a luxurious feeling. So, make your beds as cozy and comfortable for them as possible. 

Paint Walls With Neutral Tones

Forget about the days of contrasting accent walls, soft yellows, and dated wallpaper patterns. It’s easy to give rooms a much-needed, inexpensive facelift by simply painting them with neutral tones or pale pastels. This color palette also helps to make the space feel roomier and brighter.

Guests value modern, chic interiors that feel relaxing and warm after a long trip. So, a trend emerged on how to “hotelify” the home. 

That’s right! 

Travelers love contemporary hotel interiors. In fact, they want to incorporate them into their home décor. CHS offers the best interior design with the help of our experienced hotel designers. 

Rearrange Room Layout

Many hotels have an old-fashioned room concept and layout. What yours? If the same, then try to be different in order to catch the traveler’s attention. 

Changing the flow of the layout is a cheap and easy way to have rooms stand out. It makes rooms appear unique and inviting. These are the things that the modern traveler is definitely looking for when searching for their ideal accommodation. 

Provide a suite-like look by placing the desk and chair against the window. Try to move chairs and sofas around—this way, they aren’t against one wall.

Invest In Modern And Comfortable Chairs

Most hotels follow a classic concept to furnish their rooms. It includes a bed, two nightstands, a desk, a chair, and a closet. It needs to go if the chair matches the carpet or is vinyl.

The increasingly blurred line between leisure and business travel means that guests are trying and working to wind down on the same trip. So, it’s vital to give them modern and comfortable chairs. Consider the contours and overall comfort when selecting a new chair. CHS hotel designers suggest natural fibers whenever possible with the freedom of mixing textures. This way, you offer something functional as the form is attractive. 

Contact Capital Hospitality Services For Your Hotel Remodeling Project 

Are you thinking of improving the look of your hotel rooms? Start with one or two rooms to test the impact. Don’t forget to photograph the new look and upload them on your website. It grabs the attention of your potential guests. Contact CHS for your entire hotel remodeling or minor renovations. Call us now! 


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