CHS Hotel4 Hotel Design Ideas To Make Your Hotel Room Look More Luxurious

December 2, 2022by eric

Visitors searching for hotels online look for a room that offers good value for money, comfort, and luxury. We are visual creatures drawn to beautiful things. So, the more attractive the hotel design looks, the more likely we click through and book attractive rooms for our stay.


Are you losing customers because your hotel rooms are not as eye-catching as they could be? Hotel renovation may be a solution. The most successful hotel owners understand the significance of investing in the aesthetics of their hotel rooms. This will help to boost their businesses and provide customers with a memorable vacation experience. Contact Capital Hospitality Services now! We have a reputable and experienced team of hotel designers.

So, what can you do to redefine your hotel rooms? It’s not as expensive or complicated as you may think. The following are 4 hotel design ideas to make your hotel room more exclusive.

Optimize Your Hotel Room

Hotel rooms should be a place of rest and comfort. It’s difficult to relax when surrounded by clutter. Some hotel rooms have unoriginal concepts and outdated rooms. So, they strive for innovation to attract guests. Optimizing your room space will refresh stale hotel rooms and enliven any area.

Hoteliers should try these tips and watch their hotel rooms come alive:

  • Refrain from decorating with plants.
  • Choose a natural color palette.
  • Display calming pictures and artwork.
  • Use an air freshener and scented candles.
  • Aim for rounded furniture instead of sharp angles.
  • Ensure furniture isn’t placed along one wall.

Add Some Glamour With New Lampshades

A lampshade can break or make the charm of any hotel room. No guest likes generic lampshades. It’s easy to underestimate the importance of the overall design of the room they’re placed in. Consider how ceiling lamps and tables can create the perfect exclusive ambiance for the best impact.

Spruce up your hotel room by adding glamour with affordable fixtures. Look for colors and models that make the room pop or unique fabric for the best bespoke feel.

Get Creative By Upscaling Old Furniture

Do you think that expensive-looking furniture means breaking the bank to get it? Upscaling has the great advantage of being versatile. You can upcycle any furniture. There is no limit to your creativity.

You can transform any neglected or old furniture into the next must-have interior design feature, from color change to complete makeover. It doesn’t require any special skills. You just have to appreciate the cost-effective option of turning your current furnishings into products with CHS professionals. Your guests will surely love it.

Revamp Your Bathroom 

Consider changing the hotel design if your current hotel room bathroom doesn’t evoke feelings of comfort and elegance. Create a luxurious feel that no guest can deny. Mostly, we underestimate the importance of bathroom ambiance. When no expense is spared- lavish bathrooms can elicit opulence that guests can’t refuse.

Functionality is a great feature for extra value. Your guests will love when hotel rooms have a mud room towel lack. For elegant simplicity, you could choose an ivory theme. Natural light-colored walls, countertops, rugs, and cabinets tie the room together for an opulent, breezy feel.

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