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December 5, 2022by eric

Competition in the hotel industry is fierce. The hotels need to update and evolve to enable a fine experience for their guests. Hotels must accommodate changes considering the societal and environmental changes that alter consumer demands. Therefore, the hotel design and infrastructure require constant updates to keep up with the guest’s needs and the latest trends.

Since the pandemic hit, hotels have had to make significant changes in their design and functionality to ensure a safe environment for the guests and their staff. 

Modern hotels have adapted to rapid changes, be it covid-19, technological wave, or social factors influencing the hospitality industry. The following are the growing interior design trends in the hotel industry.

1. Versatile and Dynamic Lobbies

We all have heard that the first impression is the last in the hospitality business. Lobbies are the first contacts of guests. They should be as stunning as they can be. It is important to work with professional and experienced hotel designers to accommodate the needs of all guest types. All the prominent hotels include attractive and comfortable furniture, chandeliers, indoor waterfalls, or featured entrances that add extravagance to the hotel. So, hiring a professional hotel interior designer who can offer you the best with their creative ideas is more important. 

2. Guest rooms configurations

Guests’ rooms need to be felt inviting. The classic bedtable locker combo is not just enough. Guests who are away from home expect surprises. To make the guest’s room more interesting and inviting, add tv panels, creative offices for business travelers, extra sofa next to the bed. Eclectic mixes of colors and decors are other key ingredients to make the guest room trendy.

3. Green Features

Sustainability is a delicate issue. Hotel owners try their best to minimize short-term costs. To be ahead of the competition, hotel design ideas must be innovative. A few hotel trends to stay green are large windows for natural lighting, green walls, natural building materials, green roofs, electronic water faucets, etc. 

4. Focus on local art

Modern art usually distances itself from local art. Adding more local art to the hotel design scheme improves guests’ perception of the place. It also creates a genuine experience. A few examples of the easy way to success are integrating an art project into the hotel’s image, small sculptures, and photography. 

5. Using more textures and colors

In the modern world of interior design, the texture is given more importance than visual patterns. When away, we usually get more time to explore our senses. This is why hotel rooms now have more textures rather than upsetting patterns. Giving guests something they can feel can result in a memorable experience. Adding a few bright colors to animate spaces can create a soothing joyful experience. 

6. Work from a hotel

Since the pandemic hit, people have been experimenting with their remote work locations. A lot of people are moving to different environments temporarily. Some take trips as they work. Considering this situation, hotels are now accommodating the needs of their guests.

Some hotels are creating workstations within the room or developing comfortable working spaces in the lobbies. Some even create coworking spaces/business centers within the hotel premises for guests.


From biophilic designs to more sustainable approaches, the hotel industry interior design is entering a new era, opening its doors to futuristic possibilities and more responsive designs. You are ahead of your competitors if you can provide guests with a home away from their place. Capital Hospitality Services (CHS) can successfully create a hotel that can make your guest’s stay memorable. So, contact us if you are looking for a top hotel design company for your hotel interiors. 



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