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December 7, 2022by eric

Hotel design has become an essential instrument of differentiation in the pursuit of providing the ultimate unique experience to travelers. Choosing the ideal hotel now involves identifying the perfect hotel room for guests. 

Cookie-cutter hotel rooms are swiftly falling out of demand and out of style. A hotel room that stands out for its unique aesthetic appeal will have a far better chance of resonating with guests. This chance is both when they view hotel room photos online and when they see them in person. 

Many hoteliers are now turning to today’s most prominent trends in hotel design for inspiration. They are updating the generic, nondescript designs that have made their rooms virtually indistinguishable from their competitors. Following are some hotel room design ideas:  

Biophilic Elements

You should provide your guests with the delightful experience of being in the presence of nature. 

In modern times, plant life has become of the biggest interior design trends. We are seeing it developing in the hospitality scene as well.

There are innumerable creative ways to introduce greenery into your communal spaces and hotel rooms, from the ultra-trendy living green walls to the equally trendy succulents. 

Similarly, natural lighting can work wonders in making a hotel room feel more soothing and natural.


Even minor changes can affect the unique aesthetics of your hotel rooms and their carbon footprint. It could be finding nice stoneware mugs and glassware cups in rooms instead of paper items. Elegant glass bottles and water carafes are incredibly trendy now. These are the perfect alternative to plastic bottles. When it’s time to replace dead bulbs, energy-saving lightbulbs are the obvious choice. 

Your guests will surely appreciate your eco-friendly design updates. So, your energy bill will also save.

Local Influences

Mostly, millennial travelers want to sleep themselves in local cultures. The hotel rooms they stay in play a significant role in this. So, give hotel rooms a sense of place. 

Your guests will also feel a powerful sense of place the moment they step through the door with art by local artists and traditional artisanal crafts featured in your hotel rooms. 

Travelers so well receive this hotel design trend. Many branded hotels are loosening their grip on standardizing design standards in favor of a more localized and flexible design approach.

Stripped-Down Spaces

Minimalism is another big trend in hotel design. It means smaller guest rooms equipped with basic yet super-quality amenities. You should limit cumbersome furniture and simplify amenities. 

Blend convenience and comfort with simplicity and contemporary aesthetics. Thus, you can create a modern hotel room with maximal guest appeal and minimalistic design.  

No Two Rooms Are Exactly Alike

Don’t forget to embrace diversity. A one-of-a-kind room helps guests feel they’re experiencing a unique hotel stay. Mostly, today’s travelers are chasing this feeling, mainly when they can select that specific room themselves. 

Give each room its distinct design personality to create such experiences. You can use diverse color palettes and décor the lamps, walls, etc. So, remember to arrange the furniture in the hotel room according to the room’s shape room. 

This hotel design trend is suitable for smaller and independent hotels. 

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