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December 9, 2022by eric

In the age of consumerization, hotels are sorting out ways to deliver superior customer experiences to stay ahead of their competitors. This is where the role of hotel furniture comes in. This can be the key to the competitive edge to deliver unique customer experiences to differentiate themselves from the heavy competition. This requires a robust strategy in choosing the right furniture to create a roadmap for enriching customer experience throughout their stay—this blog layouts various aspects to evaluate the best furniture that delivers greater value within your budget.


Designing the furniture positions is key to making the best use of the available space and creating enriching experiences in the rooms, dining, corridors, or waiting areas. From the customer’s viewpoint, seating too clogged spurs customers to think entangled and doesn’t provide a delightful experience. Bringing out the right design with appropriate spacing is key to the success of a design. The customer’s level of comfort should be balanced with your seating capacity. Remember, one odd experience can result in unleashing customer loyalty forever. 

 The design spacing should provide enough flexibility to handle a healthy motel business. Preserving the proper equilibrium between spacing and design also enables us to stay ahead of competitors.

Pricing Vs. Quality

Quality comes at a price. But to get the best value within your budget, it is essential to thoroughly analyze the best possible quality furniture options that deliver better value. As a part of it, consider factors like expenses attributed to the maintenance. Only go for high-quality furniture, which may temporarily relieve your budget, but this can be costly over time.

Target Customer

Eventually, customer satisfaction is the fundamental facet propelling customer experiences. Choosing hotel furniture is a significant aspect of determining the customer persona you intend to attract to your motel. So the furniture deployed should ensure enriching customer experiences throughout their stay in the motel. Following the customer’s interests, plan your hotel/motel’s furniture. 

Type of Cushion

Ensure that you select quality furniture with a good quality bolster or cushion. People come to motels to have a good time on their voyages or vacation. So, determine the fabric of the cushions. Especially if you want to accommodate family, you must plan the cushioning material considering various age groups. The type of fabric material has to be chosen to comfort people of all age groups, and unique fabric that can wash has to be selected for children as they spill food or water. You can choose something like Vinyl. You can also use high-density foam to create more comfort. 


When choosing the tables for dining spaces, coffee tables, or tables within suite rooms, one should decide if the table is to be placed outdoors or inside. The table design and material must be chosen based on the place where they are installed and the ambiance. Also, consider how many people you want to accommodate at each table, the overall room space available, the table design, and the planned configurations. Even the table furniture slabs material should be chosen if food or water spills and should be easy to clean. There are lesser laminate textures that are reasonable alternatives for table slabs. If you want to place the table outdoors, choose table material that doesn’t wear out due to weather conditions. You may find something like aluminum, engineered wood, faux bamboo, synthetic teak stools, etc.  

Essentially square and rectangular ones are the most preferred ones. However, if you have space constraints and want to accommodate more people in less space, you can choose circular ones. 

Soft Seating

The seating arrangement is critical for ensuring superior customer experiences in visitors’ sit-out areas or dining areas. There are different styles of soft seating like industrial style, vintage style, retro, modern, patio, and so on, with various materials like wooden, plastic, aluminum, iron, bamboo, etc. When choosing the style of soft seating, consider the installation place. For example, if you select a soft seating with a textile cover, choose a textile with a bolster resistant to climatic conditions and won’t wear out. 

 At CHS Hotel Renovations, we care about all aspects to evaluate the brand requirements and take the owner’s choice. We bring your hotel design to life. We’re excited to make the vision of your hotel a reality. Contact our team of hotel designers now! We provide the best hotel design ideas at affordable rates.


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