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December 13, 2022by eric

Setting up a new hotel involves a lot of work. It is not easy, no matter how much money you invest. A lot of planning goes into hotel design &hotel construction. Several factors must be considered while designing a hotel, and we will discuss those factors in this blog. While you may get an overview of design considerations, you should still hire an experienced hotel design team to make your work easier.

The following are the design considerations to follow when designing a hotel.

Captivating Appearance

The first impression created by the appearance of the hotel lasts a long. Hence, an attractive appearance is significant when designing a hotel. Every hotel possesses a distinctive personality, and its image communicates by its external appearance. The guests decide if the hotel suits them or not, depending upon the hotel’s vibe. Hence, an attractive appearance helps the hotel to stand out. It creates the desired images in the mind of the prospective guest.

Various aesthetics are decided when designing a hotel. While some may like vintage, and others may like more of a futuristic design. The final look is based on the location, types of clientele, and image the hotel wants to portray. However, while deciding the aesthetic appeal and appearance of the hotel, one should keep in mind that it should not act as a hindrance in the day-to-day activities of hotel operations.

Efficient Plan

For any property, planning is the foundation on which execution is based. An efficient plan utilizes the space and resources in the optimum way possible, which refers to the planning and layout of facilities. An efficient plan should be functional and support the activities, visitors, and staff flow. The services should also be designed to meet design and layout principles.

Good Location

Good location plays a crucial role in designing a hotel. It requires market research to find a site to ensure more customers. The following are the points to consider before deciding on the location.

  1. Target Market
  2. Accessibility
  3. Budget
  4. Availability of manpower and raw materials
  5. Vincity
  6. Legal considerations
  7. Availability of space
  8. Availability of civic infrastructure

Also, keep in mind that geographical location influences the hotel design. Hotels designed near the airport differ from those designed near beaches and crowded cities.

Appropriate Materials

The hotel’s structure is based not only on the plan and construction work but also on the materials used. Suitable materials play a vital role in the buildings made quake-proof and shockproof. The effective locally available materials are cost-effective and save time, making it easy to transport without any hassles. Another factor while selecting the material to consider is climatic conditions, as it affects the wear and tear of the buildings.

Good Workmanship

Good workmanship is required for the execution of the plan. So, locally available workmanship and expertise are important for any hotel design. The right people with the required skills execute the activities with their knowledge and make the hotel efficient.


While designing a hotel, a proper budget plan is required, including the expenses from start to finish until it becomes functional. Finance is the bottom line for any project formation. Hence, the availability and management of funds are important considerations in the design process.

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