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December 20, 2022by eric

There is no concrete rule on how often your hotels should renovate. Maintaining the property in excellent condition to compete in the hotel industry is a must. Renovations and repairs should occur promptly to avoid additional property damage or increased expenses down the line. Hoteliers strive to make their hotels safe, modern, and attractive to attract guests and keep their profits high. If you want to keep your hotel feeling new and fresh, working with an experienced hotel renovation company is recommended.

This blog will discuss some exciting hotel renovation ideas that can make a great first impression on your guests.

1. Refresh the Hotel’s Exterior

Businesses in the hospitality industry need to be attractive and welcoming places. The first thing your guests will notice is the exterior of your property, and it is the most important factor in creating a great first impression. Your hotel exterior creates interest and an appearance of quality and style. So, it’s time to get started if you haven’t had an exterior renovation in a few years. The right exterior can help your business stand out and invite more customers. 

There are endless options when it comes to upgrading a hotel exterior. A few hotel exterior renovation ideas include:

  • An attractive façade
  • New and improved entrance
  • Maintain the landscaping with the help of a professional
  • Including Decks, Balconies, and Walkways
  • Adding a rooftop lounge
  • Updating the parking space


2. Revitalise the Lobby

The hotel lobby’s design, size, and style can greatly impact how guests feel when they walk in. While the purpose of the hotel exterior is to welcome guests, the hotel entrance should be to greet the guests as they enter your property.

Design the hotel lobby with an ample amount of seating. Emphasize this multipurpose space with better access to services and relaxation. Soft lighting, a refreshment station with freshly brewed coffee, and a newspaper rack help guests feel at home. Consider decorating your entrance with plants if your goal is to create a relaxing and peaceful lobby space. 

3. Maximise the space available in guests’ rooms

If your hotel is catering to tech-savvy business travelers, consider maximizing the space available in the guest rooms. This can be done through clever storage techniques. Space-efficient guest rooms can be designed, making digital connectivity the primary focus. So, the guest room design needs to meet all of a traveler’s preferences.

4. Modernise public areas

Creating shared spaces in the hotel will make modern guests feel welcome and accommodated. Semi-private spaces will allow the guests to work, make calls, or even have private conversations. These spaces will also encourage the guests to engage with others. Remember not to avoid falling into the trend trap when modernizing shared hotel spaces. 

5. Upgrade eco-friendly amenities

Going green during the renovations can have a significant impact on the hotel’s bottom line. Replacing wasteful, energy-guzzling amenities with environmentally-friendly hotel alternatives can benefit the environment and garner goodwill from guests.

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